EZ2CY® Enclosures

EZ2CY® Enclosures EZ2CY® Enclosures are able to meet and exceed customer expectations on such a consistent basis because they are made from quality components. Each component of an EZ2CY® Enclosure contributes to the effectiveness of the system as a whole. Our reputation is built on how well we satisfy our customers' needs and deliver quality work. Opening EZ2CY® originated and perfected track-to-track installations, and is still unrivaled in this respect. An enclosure's main function is to provide protection from foul weather, wind, and water, while maintaining optimum visibility. However, the ability to let air flow is important when at dock or running in good weather, and is just as important a function. EZ2CY® has many answers to opening panels and allowing airflow. In fact, most owners find opening and closing EZ2CY® panels easier than conventional enclosures! Tower Configuration We're often asked how a hardtop or tower should be configured to accommodate the EZ2CY® Enclosure. The same rules that govern conventional enclosures also apply to EZ2CY®. Longevity Look at an EZ2CY® Enclosure that has been on a charter boat for ten years and it will be "easy to see why" customers choose this type of enclosure for their vessel. Nautilux Custom Canvas is an authorized EZ2CY® Enclosure Dealer.